Welcome to Rooster's...
Now open on a Phoenix, Arizona street near you!

Rooster's Kountry Kitchen is a unique food truck providing freshly marinated fried chicken and smoked ribs! Rooster's offers a variety of menu items for your tastebuds.

Just how do we cook our chicken and ribs? Well, it all starts with the quality products and fresh ingredients. All meat products are marinated for hours and then cooked to perfection before it reaches your plate. We choose only the best – the best cuts, the best quality, and the best local meat providers.

Add Rooster's blend of delicious seasonings and marinates, plus a high-tech fryer to provide a succulent and unique taste that will bring you back for more!

There you go, Rooster's in a nutshell...

Check out our menu for more mouth watering treats. Want to taste for yourself? Follow the Rooster on Twitter, Facebook, or the Internet and find out where we’re headed today!
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Phone: 602-320-3219